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AllBite™ is a molasses-based block designed to discourage vice behaviors, such as tail biting, in pigs.

Its unique design and its delivery system attract pigs and encourage them to chew on the block.

Timely use of AllBite blocks can round out a sound animal welfare program.

Why an AllBite block? 


The AllBite block changes pig behavior by adding a new stimulus to the environment. AllBite allows pigs to exhibit foraging behaviors and to bite and chew on the block instead of on their pen-mates. Furthermore, the AllBite formulation provides a nutritional solution that includes functional ingredients known to calm pigs by enhancing their serotonin receptors. AllBite is an economical option for those looking to positively impact the welfare of their animals.

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23 lb biodegradable container

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Hang on fence or from ceiling


Quick & convenient

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Block stays clean


Attaching AllBite in the pen 


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Chain included with block

AllBite 1

Hang from the fence

AllBite hanging from the ceiling

Hang from the ceiling


Usage guidelines

For the most effective results, AllBite should be used at the first sign of vice behaviors.

  • Minimum of 1 block for every 25 grow-finish pigs or breeding animals.
  • Depending on the situation, additional blocks may be beneficial.



Hubbard Feeds worked with several producers to test the AllBite block. Here are some of their comments:


Consumption over time

AllBite Day1-3

Day 1

AllBite Day 4-7

Day 4

AllBite Day 8-10

Day 8


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