Alltech Ambassador Program

Our Purpose

The Alltech Ambassador Program is a U.S./Canadian goal and bonus based program that offers students an opportunity to become directly involved with Alltech, other industry organizations and leaders, university faculty and students through public relations and development activities. This program was created to have students represent Alltech at the university level at the many activities and functions both on and off campus.

What is an Ambassador?

A student ambassador is an enrolled student at any U.S./Canadian university who serves as a knowledgeable representative that provides information and services to the local community about and for Alltech.

Serving the Community

The ambassador will participate in outreach and community events. They represent Alltech to the community during college nights, career fairs and at other informational programs. They assist as needed with the planning and implementation of special activities such as producer meetings, lecture tours and symposiums. Student ambassadors serve a two semester basis.

How do I apply?

Please submit the Ambassador Application along with your resume and 2 letters of recommendation to or complete the form below.

All materials need be sent together for consideration. Candidates will be notified with interview details.

Ambassador Program Application