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Uncovering the hidden threat in imported grains 

The success of Asian livestock production hinges on the quality of key grains — such as corn, wheat, barley and soybean — that are imported from around the world. Producers know that these raw materials brought in from Europe, North America, Canada and Latin America are vital to empowering the most effective nutritional strategies and protecting the health and performance of their livestock.

Mycotoxins are invisible, toxic chemical compounds produced by the molds and fungi that are present in plants. They can be introduced into animal production through feed ingredients and can impair optimal performance by affecting animals’ intestinal, organ and immune systems, which can subsequently impact producers’ profitability.

Variable weather conditions across the key grain-growing regions have once again been the dominant factor shaping mycotoxin risk levels around the world.

In these videos, Dr. Ghazanfar Naseer, ruminant and mycotoxin regional technical manager, and Gustavo Sa Ribeiro, monogastric regional technical manager, dive into this year’s overall results across the monogastric and ruminant species. Watch the videos below to discover crucial insights into optimizing nutrition and mitigating mycotoxin risks.

To truly understand the potential threat of mycotoxins for Asian livestock production, we must first uncover how prevalent these hidden compounds are across imported grains. The Alltech Asia Import Risk Analysis focuses on the key traded ingredients (corn, wheat, barley and soybean) and the regions from which they are exported (Europe, North America, Canada and Latin America). The findings of this research have been published in a comprehensive, free report compiled by the technical experts on the Alltech® Mycotoxin Management team. This report provides Asian feed and livestock producers with crucial insights that will help them establish robust and effective mycotoxin control plans. Download the report today!

To determine the true mycotoxin landscape within each affected region, Alltech has collected and examined thousands of grain samples, utilizing both the Alltech 37+® and Alltech RAPIREAD® mycotoxin analyses, to define the most prevalent issues throughout global grain production. In conducting its European research, Alltech also collaborated with SGS, a world leader in mycotoxin testing, to gain even greater insights into the situation in that region.