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As we enter spring and see the temperature slowly begin to rise, a decline in milk fat and protein percentages becomes a more common occurrence. Lush grass that is lower in fibre can increase the risk of acidosis in the rumen, leading to poor digestion and reduced milk solids output. YEA-SACC® is a live yeast from Alltech that has repeatedly been proven to promote fibre digestion while simultaneously reducing the build-up of lactic acid in the rumen. Thanks to fewer wasted nutrients, more energy is available for production, which can help to increase milk fat and protein.

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Are you ready to BEAT THE DROP?

We must remember that our milk payment system is focused on kilograms of butterfat (BF) and protein. This is a function of milk yield and solids percentage. Our task is to maximise all of these and get the cow back on calf while keeping an eye on total cost.

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Addressing the drop in butterfat during early lactation at grass

There is much discussion among dairy farmers about low butterfat levels in milk. A decline in butterfat percentages can be common during spring months, when cows are grazing lush grass that is low in fibre and high in oil and sugars — but for some herds, this issue can continue into the summer.

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Different yeasts, different results

When Dr. Pearse Lyons decided to apply his extensive knowledge of fermentation to the challenge of improving rumen fermentation, he did what all great scientists do and began by identifying the core causes that prevent the rumen from functioning more efficiently. His solution to this problem was to develop Yea-Sacc®, a rumen-specific yeast culture.

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