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Prepare your production system for cold weather

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Is your operation prepared for cold weather? 

For poultry and pig producers, managing the impact that cold weather has on animals can be difficultLearn more about the stressors that these production systems face during the winter months. Hear from leading industry experts on the techniques and strategies that can be implemented to mitigate cold-weather challenges.


Dr. Kayla Price, Alltech
Dr. Brett Ramirez, Iowa State University
Dr. Leanne Brooks, Cape Fear Consulting



Dr. Kayla Price currently serves as the Canadian technical manager for Alltech Canada. In this role, she provides technical and sales support and also makes contributions in the areas of research and regulatory. In her work with Alltech, Price has continued pursuing her passion for poultry intestinal health and has broadened her knowledge base to cover all types of poultry production. She has worked to share what she has discovered about the intestinal health and management of birds with others in the poultry industry.


Dr. Brett Ramirez’s research and extension program encompasses swine and poultry production systems, with a primary focus on ventilation systems, natural resources and energy efficiency, animal energetics, environmental control and precision livestock farming. His mission is to provide and advance the science and technology needed to address the aforementioned areas in animal production systems. 


Dr. Leanne Brooks currently serves as a Swine Nutritionist for Cape Fear Consulting within Alltech. In this role, she provides nutritional services to swine accounts including formulation, technical services, and feed program management. She also collaborates on research with the Alltech Monogastric Division. In her position at Alltech, she has been able to use nutritional solutions to improve customers' production through both in feed strategies and innovative feed additives. 

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