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Caring about health and immunity, reinforced by the recent pandemic context, became the driving force behind a sharp increase in the consumption of berries, regarded as a “superfood” for their health benefits.

The berry market, the “superstar category,” is quickly developing globally, showing the fastest growth in the sector, with approximately 13 million tonnes produced annually (source: FAO, 2019). The "organic, zero-residue” premise has a heavy toll on this market. In fact, consumers are increasingly attentive and sensitive to production methods and demand organically grown crops, particularly in the soft fruit sector, thus making this the second largest in the fresh organic category.

It is important to equip farmers with solutions that allow them to better respond to these market demands. Alltech Crop Science (ACS) natural-based solutions, resulting from the application of microbial fermentation and nutrigenomics, are designed to enhance yield, reduce stress and improve health in crops. Our natural, proven solutions promote sustainability, profitability and value creation across the entire food chain.

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Strawberry trial, Huelva, Spain - 2020

Comparison of the conventional treatment programme and the Alltech Crop Science (ACS) programme.

The ACS programme increased the overall quality and nutritional value of the fruits, especially with regards to vitamins A and C and Polyphenols. The Alltech programme allowed for a higher marketable yield of a more nutritious product, making it a higher value for the producer and the consumer.

Find out more about this trial, the ACS solutions for strawberry and berry production and our customers’ exciting results.

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