DIGEST P3 is an enzyme complex, cultured through a process known as solid state fermentation, that improves the profitability of anaerobic digestion by optimising biogas productivity. 

DIGEST P3 works in synergy with biogas generating microflora in your plant to utilise feedstock components that were previously inaccessible through digestion. This increase in readily available energy and protein for the digester microflora leads to efficiency in biogas formation. 



Marco Hesse, general manager of AGN Agrargesellschaft Neunheilingen said, "When I started using DIGEST P3 in our biogas plant I immediately noticed that the substrates were being used more efficiently. DIGEST P3 has helped to increase my plant’s electricity production by 12 percent per day, without increasing the amount of substrates used. This is worth more than €600 per day to us!"  

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