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Egg-cellent shell quality: Learn the basics.

A webinar with Dr. Kayla Price

Eggshell quality is not only important to the consumer, but also to the producer. Consumers are looking for a uniform, crack-free shell, while producers are looking to increase the number of healthy chicks through eggshell strength.

In this live webinar with Dr. Kayla Price, Canadian poultry technical manager at Alltech, she will discuss the essentials for a premium egg and the many different factors affecting eggshell quality.

This webinar will provide an understanding of:

  • - How an egg is made and the role gut health plays in the creation of an egg.
  • - The factors that influence a quality egg.
  • - Programs to enhance eggshell quality.

About the speaker:

Dr. Kayla Price is currently the Canadian poultry technical manager for Alltech Canada. She provides technical and sales support with additional research responsibilities in Canada. Prior to joining Alltech, Price completed her Ph.D. at the University of Guelph in Canada with a research focus on environmental influence on live coccidiosis vaccine success in chickens. From this background, she gained a passion for poultry intestinal health.


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