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Actions Over Distractions

On farms across the country it is during times like these that test and demonstrate our strength and resilience. Everyday Alltech, KEENAN and InTouch are actively advising farmers on areas of efficiency and we want to help our customers adapt to the challenges during this time.

Farming practices have for the most part continued as normal during the last few weeks and focusing on what we can manage now is essential, what we do now will effect next year. 

The Actions over Distractions initiative looks at the different areas needed to consider when making decisions on farm and will showcase practical solutions which can be implemented on farm, which day to day can be over looked.

Market outlooks:
On the live webinar hosted recently by Alltech Ireland, Lorcan Allen, Agribusiness Editor, Irish Farmers Journal discussed the impact COVID-19 has had on beef and dairy markets, the EU’s response to support market prices and what farmers can do to protect their businesses over the coming weeks and months.

The Actions Over Distractions Series

Each week we will release top tips to focus on in areas on your farm, including a focus on fertility, mental health and well being, making quality silage and grassland management. 

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Focus on Fertility

In order to achieve improved target calving rates, farms must strive to optimise dry matter intake (DMI) for cows throughout the transition period to minimise the level and duration of negative energy balance and body condition score (BCS) loss during early lactation. Poor management of the cow during this critical phase in the cow’s life cycle can be attributed to a lot of the fertility issues linked to body condition loss, particularly at grass.

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Producing Quality Silage 

After grazed grass, silage makes up the most substantial proportion of a ruminant’s diet and has a major impact on animal performance, feed costs and supplementation requirement during the winter months. While producing grass silage is not cheap, the challenge is to provide enough of a suitable quality for the animals being fed.


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Grassland management

As we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, Alltech, KEENAN and InTouch are here to offer help if you need it. 

Meeting the cows’ nutritional demands and understanding how grass works in the animal will allow for better management. There are 4 key rules of grazing these include: residuals, protecting growth, managing the rotation length and pre-grazing covers. 

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