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KEENAN vertical auger diet feeders

For TMR that isn’t under or over processed, but just right

With a wide auger flight and carefully designed body, our vertical auger diet feeders are engineered to ensure that ration ingredients are mixed thoroughly and consistently.

Accurate loading and mixing for optimum mix quality

Let the KEENAN controller guide you through ingredient loading order, weight and mixing revolutions. At the same time, our unique auto-stop function works to ensure an optimised and consistent total mixed ration at every feed-out.

Never miss a feed

There is no compromise; your herd must be fed. Our highly trained network of accredited service centres is on hand 24/7 so that you never need to worry about missing a feed. KEENAN vertical auger diet feeders, for TMR that isn’t under or over processed, but just right.

Extra feeding capacity within a small footprint

Philip Halhead and his team at Norbreck Farm in Lancashire recently started using a KEENAN VA2-21 vertical auger diet feeder. Speed, manoeuvrability around the farm buildings and the ability to ensure a consistent ration at every feed-out were the main reasons cited for their switch. Here, Nick Haigh, a member of the team at Norbreck Farm, explains how their new machine is already making a huge difference to the farm’s operations.

What our customers think

The KEENAN VA range is designed to work every day under the toughest of conditions. Strength, reliability, back-up support and a host of extras fitted as standard are central features of the range. We caught up with some of our customers to find out what they had to say about their KEENAN vertical auger diet feeder.

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Why choose a KEENAN vertical diet feeder?


Engineered to optimise use of space; the KEENAN VA2 and KEENAN VA3 ranges of machines allow materials to be rapidly and efficiently mixed into the overall total mixed ration (TMR).


The efficient use of space within the KEENAN VA2 and VA3 ranges means that machines can consistently load and mix the full volumes of material within their declared capacity.

Footprint and handling

KEENAN VA2 and KEENAN VA3 diet feeders are extremely manoeuvrable machines; their footprint is designed to allow them fit into most farmyard buildings.

Heavy-duty chassis

The KEENAN VA machine is mounted on a custom-built heavy-duty chassis (from 24m3 upwards). Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, even under the toughest conditions.

Sprint paddles

Sprint paddles help to speed up feed-out. A sprint paddle is fitted to each auger, ensuring a constant rate of material discharge.

Heavy-duty auger and blades

All KEENAN VA2 and VA3 machines are fitted with heavy-duty augers as standard. The triangular blades are fitted with a long-lasting tungsten coating, increasing their longevity. Additionally, two blades are fitted towards the top of each auger for the rapid incorporation of bales.

Two-speed gearbox

The two-speed gearbox means that when using low speed, the power requirement from the tractor to start up a load is significantly reduced; while high speed can be used to ensure rapid, even emptying. Adjusting the two-speed gearbox could not be simpler; a mechanical cable control is fitted for moving between the low and high speeds.

Extended warranty

For added peace of mind, reduced downtime and to help you forecast and control costs, enjoy an optional extended 5-year warranty (terms and conditions apply).

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