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Transform your herd’s performance with Mycosorb A


Where do mycotoxins occur?

Mycotoxins are produced by moulds, both in the field pre-harvest and during subsequent storage. Presenting a dynamic challenge, they can be found across a wide range of feedstuffs such as parent grains, forages, by-products, pasture, compound feeds and bedding materials.


Why is the control of mycotoxins so important

Often referred to as hidden thieves, these toxic compounds can be the root cause of multiple issues that arise on farm. Mycotoxins impair optimum herd performance and farm profitability by affecting intestinal, organ and immune systems. Common signs to look for include reduced feed intake, sudden drops in milk output, compromised fertility and loose manure.


Adopting an effective mycotoxin control program

The control of mycotoxins requires a multi-faceted approach, all the way from pre-harvest crop management to feed out in the barn. Where a mycotoxin problem is detected, Mycosorb A+, a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder is proven to address the multi-mycotoxin challenge, including Penicillium toxins, the most common toxin detected in forages and TMRs*. Under challenged conditions, Mycosorb A+ can help:


*Based on results of Alltech 37+ mycotoxin testing


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