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Pushing the boundaries of protein nutrition

Optigen II® is an innovative ingredient that provides a controlled release of non-protein nitrogen (NPN) to the rumen over time. This ensures that rumen bacteria have continued access to this essential food source. Reformulations with Optigen II can be used to provide available nitrogen to fiber-digesting bacteria over time, as well as fermentable carbohydrates for sustaining higher production and effective fiber for sustaining a healthy rumen.



Wasted nitrogen means wasted performance

In ruminant production systems, 75–95% of the dietary nitrogen consumed as feed protein is excreted. This nitrogen is wasted because ruminants are generally unable to use nitrogen efficiently, and this has a major impact on animal performance, profitability and the environment.

When it comes to rumen ammonia levels, under common feeding practices, there are periods of excess followed by periods of deficiency. This is particularly evident when the diet is supplemented with urea or fat-coated urea products, which release ammonia in the rumen all at once. Excess rumen ammonia is wasteful and potentially toxic, as it can lead to elevated blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels and, subsequently, elevated milk urea nitrogen (MUN) levels. On the other hand, when there is a deficiency of rumen ammonia for a considerable amount of time, the rumen bacteria don’t have access to this food source required for growth, and as a result, productivity slows down.

The controlled and continual supply of ruminal ammonia provided by Optigen II serves to meet the nitrogen needs of rumen microbes more effectively than other sources, such as straight feed urea. This can encourage microbial protein synthesis as a result of more efficient ruminal function and optimize ruminal nitrogen metabolism.


Benefits of Optigen in dairy cows:

  • Optimizes milk production
  • Enhances microbial protein production and fiber digestion
  • Decreases the inclusion of feedstuffs, such as soybeans, in dairy and beef rations
  • Helps maintain performance during periods of heat stress
  • Helps maintain rumen health and efficiency
  • Allows for the opportunity to formulate with cheaper feed ingredients and lower the cost of rations

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