The form of mineral matters




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Your livestock depend on you. Performance depends on the right mineral.

Do it right with the Alltech® Mineral Management program for better absorption, less waste and optimum health and performance.

Mineral management is more than just preventing deficiencies. 

Incorrect mineral supplementation can have major consequences on animal health and productivity. Traditional methods of supplementation have used inorganic minerals. However, inorganic minerals are poorly absorbed by the animal. This has caused a shift to organic mineral supplementation in many markets.

Break with tradition and feed your animals the modern way.

Alltech has proven that organic trace minerals in the form of Bioplex® and Sel-Plex® can be included at significantly lower levels while improving animal performance. This optimizes animal mineral requirements and reduces negative environmental impacts. We call this innovation Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT).

The Alltech Mineral Management program guarantees organic minerals that are better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal. This meets the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for growth, reproductive performance and animal health.

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Trust the world's largest producer of organic trace minerals and support your animal's health and performance with BIOPLEX.

Advantages of BIOPLEX:


Protection against interactions that block absorption

BIOPLEX minerals do not combine with other digesta components to form unabsorbable compounds.


More minerals absorbed

BIOPLEX minerals take advantage of both amino acid and peptide absorption routes. 


Easily transported to target tissues

Research has shown that plasma transport of BIOPLEX minerals does not compete with inorganic mineral transport mechanisms.

Advantages of SEL-PLEX:


Optimizes cattle performance

Selenium maintains meat quality and nutritional value of meat, and supports reproductive status of animals.



Supports mineral retention

Organic selenium has proved to be more digestible than inorganic forms, and has shown to support antioxidant status.


Protects animals in times of stress

Selenium allows animals to optimize health status during periods of increased demand, and during the stresses of weaning and receiving.