Beef Webinar
Dr. Kate Jacques, Director of Nutrition, Alltech 

When wet weather hits and the stresses of weaning come into effect, combat scours and keep your calves healthy.  Watch this webinar recorded on May 11th 2017, with Dr. Kate Jacques, director of nutrition at Alltech, as she discusses the three things keeping your operation from being profitable, and the three ways to combat these issues. Learn the secrets behind Alltech’s trademark technology Bio-Mos® and the results producers are seeing in their calf crops year in and year out.

About the speaker:

kate.jpgDr. Kate Jacques is currently the director of nutrition at Alltech, based in Nicholasville, Kentucky. In addition to leading research trials, Jacques provides technical and sales support to Alltech staff. Prior to joining Alltech, she received her Ph.D. from Kansas State University. Jacques has been with Alltech for over 30 years and is an expert on the gut health of ruminant animals.