Turning Animal Agriculture’s Toughest Challenges into Our Biggest Opportunities

The Alltech Pork team is committed to delivering our customers a nutritional portfolio built on a foundation of research and innovation and supported by industry expertise and efficient distribution.


Building a core team and support system is critical for balancing the daily demands of running a successful operation. Alltech, a family business rooted in science and technology, has dedicated itself for more than 40 years to helping farmers get more from their feed, backed by leading-edge products, internal research and innovation, top-quality feed and premix manufacturing, and a strong distribution model. 

Let our team provide you with technical support and effective nutritional technologies to meet your goals and maximize productivity and profitability in your operation.

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A technology that optimizes feed safety and supports greater biosecurity while prioritizing
convenience and ease of use within your operation.

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Reduce risk

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Improve profitability

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Optimize growth

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Increase competitive advantage

Research and Innovation:

Our investment in swine research facilities include:

  • Utilizes large-scale, modern facilities and equipment and production methods
  • Addresses both current challenges and future opportunities
  • Collaborates on vital research topics with key partners

Manufacturing and Distribution: 
Hubbard Feeds operates feed plants across the United States that can manufacture premixes, concentrates and complete feeds.

Ridley Feed Ingredients (RFI) operates a premix plant and distribution center in Mendota, Illinois, that can blend medications, manufacture and distribute low-inclusion VTM premixes, and form, fill and seal small package items. The Ridley distribution center uses advanced shipping notices (ASN) and live tracking links for supply chain efficiency.

Nutritional Technologies: 
Alltech’s specialty ingredients provide leading-edge technologies for:

  • Feed efficiency
  • Enzyme management
  • Mycotoxin management
  • Food enrichment
  • Protein management
  • Mineral management
  • Antibiotic-free production
  • Gut health management

Why Partner with Alltech:

  • Ready to provide the latest scientific insights, resources, and expertise
  • Working with you on solutions customized to your operation and your goals
  • On-farm, expertise plus access to Alltech’s global network