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There Are No Second Chances: Lifetime Impacts of Gut Health

Recorded webinar with Dr. Stewart Galloway

In a recent webinar, Dr. Stewart Galloway, senior swine nutritionist at Hubbard Feeds, discussed how gut health strategies implemented early in the pig's life affect its performance and how it can affect producer profitability.

Key points:

  • How do we know if a gut is healthy?
  • What factors disrupt good gut health?
  • Do you have a gut health insurance program?

About the speaker:

Dr. Stewart Galloway is the senior swine nutritionist at Hubbard Feeds. He received a bachelor’s degree in farm operation, a master’s degree in swine nutrition and a Ph.D. in nutritional physiology from Iowa State University. Galloway has been a technical service swine nutritionist for over 25 years, supporting pork producers across the United States.