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Free webinar series looking at reducing waste on-farm.

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Navigate #1 final  (2)
  • Bob Kendal, Alltech
  • Dave Davies, Silage Solutions Ltd.

  • Covering ‘In the field’ and ‘Storage’ elements of the NAVIGATE advice service
  • Practical tips from silage expert followed by open Q&A session
  • Chris Lord, InTouch
  • Michael French, KEENAN

  • Covering the ‘Feed-out’ element of the NAVIGATE advice service
  • Practical tips on mix consistency and
    loading accuracy followed by open
    Q&A session
  • Jason Flint, Alltech
  • Owen Atkinson, Consultant Vet

  • Covering the ‘Inside the cow’ element of
    the NAVIGATE advice service (health
    and fertility)
  •  Practical tips from farm vet on improving
    lameness and fertility management
    followed by open Q&A session
  • Louise Clarke, Alltech
  • Helen Warren, HW Consulting

  • Covering the ‘Inside the cow’ element of
    the NAVIGATE advice service (housing and rumen)
  • Rumen function advice from Helen Warren followed by open Q&A session

About the speakers


Alltech’s ruminant sales manager Bob Kendal was raised on a small farm near Kendal. Having studied Zoology at Edinburgh University, he then worked SAC and a commercial off-shoot of the Roslin Institute. In 2003, Bob joined Genus, specialising in silage management and udder health. In 2008, Bob moved to Alltech to look after the ruminant business in Lancashire, Cumbria and Scotland, visiting farms and working with the feed industry.

He completed a diploma in ruminant nutrition at Harper Adams in 2014 and more recently a post graduate certificate in sustainable and efficient food production through Aberystwyth University, focusing on carbon footprinting, rumen microbiology and anaerobic digestion. Bob is also a registered animal technologist with the British Society of Animal Scientists and a registered feed advisor.


Dave Davies has over 25 years’ experience in silage research and practice, both in academia and as director of his business, Silage Solutions Ltd. Being from a farming background and still having many relatives engaged in the industry, he is passionate about ensuring that farmers get the most up-to-date, but also independent, advice to base their decisions on.

His company not only offers consultancy advice to the industry but also tests products, such as silage additives and film wrap, and is engaged in the development of technologies to improve both silage making and on-farm assessments of silage quality. He has a Ph.D. and is currently a visiting Professor at Rothamsted Research and Szent Istvan University in Hungary.

chris lord_resized

Alltech’s UK InTouch manager Chris Lord was brought up on a dairy farm in South Cumbria. Having studied for an honours degree in agriculture specialising in livestock technology at Myerscough College, he then worked predominantly in the arable sector in South England. In 2005, Chris moved back north and into the dairy industry as an assistant manager on a 300 cow dairy/arable farm in North Yorkshire.

In 2013, Chris moved to an animal health distributor in Cumbria, before joining KEENAN in 2014 as a feeding specialist covering North England. He completed a diploma in ruminant nutrition at Harper Adams in 2017 and is currently working through the Alltech international mini MBA programme. Chris is now responsible for the InTouch team of on-farm feeding specialists that deliver independent feed advice to dairy, beef and sheep farmers in the UK.


KEENAN regional sales manager Michael French has worked for KEENAN for 27 years, covering North and Eastern regions for on-farm machine sales. He was also instrumental in the original development of the InTouch controller concept.

Prior to joining KEENAN, Michael came from a non-farming background, and after working for Leeds University Farms, attended Harper Adams college, obtaining a higher national diploma in agriculture.

Michael worked as an arable specialist for Kenneth Wilson Agri for 11 years, before joining KEENAN in 1994.


Jason Flint is an experienced multi-specie specialist based in the UK midlands. He is focused on building partnerships with manufacturers, feed suppliers and farm producers to drive production efficiency through improving the animal’s health and performance.

Raised on a family dairy and beef enterprise in Devon, Jason worked as a relief milker after University. Following his grassroots and hands-on experience, he then joined a blue-chip UK multinational premix house in 2009 that services the agricultural and pet animal nutrition markets. He spent six years in export sales, operations and logistics, servicing feed mills, integrators and merchants in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Jason then worked as a mineral technical manager for a growing national feed compounder.

Joining Alltech in 2017, Jason is now focused on delivering greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability to farms and delivering technical support to midlands ruminant businesses, as well as improving companion animal nutrition for Alltech`s UK pet business.


Owen Atkinson is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons-recognised specialist in cattle health and production.

Owen is a farm vet and worked in practice for 20 years before establishing Dairy Veterinary Consultancy in 2013, based in Cheshire, England, but working throughout the UK and overseas.

Coming from a farming background, Owen understands what is important for those working at the coalface. He provides advice and training for all types of dairy businesses, including vets, farmers and others in the dairy supply chain.

Owen is a CowSignals® master trainer and Nuffield Scholar. He is involved in lots of areas of cow health but is particularly known for his enthusiasm for lameness prevention, good housing design and efficient working.

He enjoys working with farmers to improve the lives of cows and the people who care for them.

Louise Clarke

Alltech’s UK ruminant manager Louise Clarke joined Alltech as a graduate in 2014, having obtained her ruminant nutrition qualification at Aberystwyth University. Louise was brought up on a beef and sheep farm and is Alltech’s ruminant manager for the Southwest.

In the six years with Alltech, Louise has built on her knowledge and experience to deliver nutrition solutions to dairy and beef farmers and is helping to drive the new NAVIGATE advice service. She also works closely with key accounts and feed mills, helping to identify solutions to industry challenges.


Helen Warren achieved her primary degree in animal science from Aberystwyth University, Wales in 1999, followed by her Ph.D. in fatty acids in beef from the Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences at Bristol University. She spent five years lecturing degree students in animal and equine science before moving to industry and is a senior visiting fellow at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. She is a trustee of the British Society of Animal Science, a qualified lecturer, a CowSignals® trainer and a registered Animal Scientist.

She currently works as consultant European technical manager for ruminants and horses for Alltech, involving initiating European research projects, as well as delivering nutritional education and technical sales support.