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Live webinar

Alltech® NAVIGATE™: A pioneering advice service. Looking at reducing waste when making silage.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 1 pm

What does the NAVIGATE™ service provide, how is
it relevant to my farm and what is involved?
Bob Kendal – Ruminant sales manager, Alltech

Silage making: Two sides of the same coin

How to reduce losses and improve nutritive value

Dave Davies – Silage Solutions Ltd.
Open question and answer session  


This webinar will provide an overview of the new, pioneering advice service from Alltech, addressing the issues around feed waste. From field to feed-out,simple tips highlighting each step of the process will help to reduce silage dry matter losses, increase silage nutritive value and improve hygienic quality, while, for the most part, costing you nothing.

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About the speakers

Bob KendalAlltech’s ruminant sales manager Bob Kendal was raised on a small farm near Kendal. Having studied Zoology at Edinburgh University, he then worked SAC and a commercial off-shoot of the Roslin Institute. In 2003, Bob joined Genus, specialising in silage management and udder health. In 2008, Bob moved to Alltech to look after the ruminant business in Lancashire, Cumbria and Scotland, visiting farms and working with the feed industry. He completed a diploma in ruminant nutrition at Harper Adams in 2014 and more recently a post graduate certificate in sustainable and efficient food production through Aberystwyth University, focusing on carbon footprinting, rumen microbiology and anaerobic digestion. Bob is also a registered animal technologist with the British Society of Animal Scientists and a registered feed advisor.


Dave Alltech NavigateDave Davies has over 25 years’ experience in silage research and practice, both in academia and as director of his business, Silage Solutions Ltd. Being from a farming background and still having many relatives engaged in the industry, he is passionate about ensuring that farmers get the most up-to-date, but also independent, advice to base their decisions on. His company not only offers consultancy advice to the industry but also tests products, such as silage additives and film wrap, and is engaged in the development of
technologies to improve both silage making and on-farm assessments of silage quality. He has a Ph.D. and is currently a visiting Professor at Rothamsted Research and Szent Istvan University in Hungary.