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Are mycotoxins on your radar? They should be.

More than 500 different mycotoxins are found in animal feed. Mycotoxins are the hidden killers in feed, hurting your animals and your profitability. How do you know if mycotoxins are impacting you?

In the fight against mycotoxins, it pays to be smarter, faster and better equipped.

Join the Alltech Canada team and leading industry experts to learn more.

Please watch the Western Canadian webinars below!



Harvest Analysis: Western Canada

Keep ahead of the threat. Join Dr. Alexandra Weaver, Alltech Mycotoxin Management Technical Specialist, for the 2020 Western Canadian Harvest Analysis. Mycotoxins have been shown to reduce feed intake, lower immune response, damage gut integrity and cause poor fertility and each of these issues can be a major cost to producers. Identifying and addressing these hidden challenges is very important. Stay up to date with the latest mycotoxin information.

The Complete Harvest Analysis


Ruminant Focused Harvest Analysis


Monogastric Focused Harvest Analysis





Mycotoxin 101: Western Canada



Mycotoxins impact animal health, farm productivity and your profit margins. The more you know, the better your defence. Dr. Alexandra Weaver, Alltech Mycotoxin Management Technical Specialist, will guide you through Mycotoxin Management 101. She will focus on Fusarium mycotoxins, storage mycotoxins and ergot alkaloids in Western Canada.




Mycotoxin Management in Feed Mills: Western Canada



The power to fight mycotoxins is in your hands. Join Josh Teulker, Alltech Global Feed Mill Specialist, as he outlines best practices for monitoring mycotoxins in feed mills, including tips on sampling, testing, and storage. He will highlight the Alltech® Rapiread™ program that provides in-depth analysis and real-time recommendations.



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