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Leading causes of calf scours

Nutritional Issues
Unfavorable weather conditions
Overcrowding of Animals

 Scours is the number one cause of death in calves 


 Leading Causes of Calf Death: 



 Key Facts: 



 What is Bio-Mos? 


Bio-Mos is Alltech's trademark technology formulated to feed the gastrointestinal tract, support gut integrity and promote overall performance at any stage of cattle production.

Developed through a proprietary process and derived from a selected strain of Saccharomyces  cerevisiae yeast, Bio-Mos promotes good bacteria and builds natural defenses to maximize profitability.

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Hear from producers across the country using Bio-Mos to improve their operation and animal health. 

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Dr. Shelby Roberts

Dr. Shelby Roberts is a post-doc researcher at Alltech, Inc. Dr. Roberts specializes in early calf nutrition and immunity. You can also view Dr. Roberts's free webinar, "Optimizing gut health and nutrition in your calves" now by signing up for our e-guide!

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1.Promotes good bacteria

2.Supports gut integrity

3.Builds natural defenses



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